Feed yourself, Feed a friend

August 19, 2015 088


With this warm weather we are in a great growing phase so the garden is producing like crazy.

As always we encourage people to pick from our Community garden, we just ask that you leave a donation in the store for the Brockport Ecumenical Food Shelf. You will see the Jar on the counter. Please be mindful when you are picking so as not to damage plants. Our garden is not huge, but if you are looking for some fresh veggies or for a salad for dinner tonight there is more than enough. Thank you for your support.

This weeks crops which are ripe:

Beans, Beets,  Some summer squash, Some tomatoes, bib lettuce, Spaghetti squash, little bit of broccoli, some peppers, leeks, a few cukes, lots of fresh basil, tarragon, Chives, and some assorted other herbs.