Mid May Gardening Tips

plantingBeware treacherous late frosts and keep vulnerable plants and new shoots protected at night if frost is forecast. Don’t be tempted to put out tender bedding until the middle of the month and even then be prepared to cover it if necessary.

Continue with the spring cleaning. Hoe your borders to get rid of weeds before they take hold, annual weeds such as bitter cress and groundsel are enough of a nightmare without allowing them to go forth and multiply by seeding. If it’s dry, attack ground elder and the like with herbicide. Remember these herbicides are indiscriminate and will kill anything they contact so only use them when it is dry and no breeze. Dandelions are a monstrous nuisance at this time of year – if you don’t have time to deal with them terminally, at least chop their heads off before they set seed.

Mulch away while you can still see what you are doing and before the herbaceous growth really takes off. It’s also a good time for your soil additives (ie:compost, manure, topsoil) before planting your flower and Vegetable annuals

Now the soil is warming up and things are starting to grow, add general purpose fertiliser before covering with mulch especially in borders, the fruit and vegetable patch and containers. If you have already mulched, draw it back (if possible), tease the soil a little, add fertiliser and replace the mulch..

Unless you are a Buddhist or a pacifist, now is the time to wage war on slugs and snails. They love tulips and delicacies such as the delicious young shoots of delphiniums and the like, so use pet-friendly slug pellets, drench the ground around hostas with liquid slug killer to exterminate slugs below the surface.Keep an eye out for snails and pick them off… what you do with them is up to you. Birds are your friends here –

Tidy up spring flowering perennials. Deadhead narcissi and tulips as they go over and sprinkle with bonemeal or liquid foliar feed. If you can bear it, allow them to die down naturally before clearing away the foliage, lifting and splitting towards the end of the month.

If you haven’t already done so, erect supports for herbaceous plants such as peonies, delphiniums and oriental poppies prone to undignified collapse.- make your own supports using hazel or birch twigs for a natural look that will fade into the border as your plants grow.

It’s time to plant your  hardy annuals such as nasturtium, calendula and poppies in drifts – clashing colours just don’t matter in a garden, but remember to plant taller plants behind shorter ones.

Summer bedding plants are now available at the nursery. Remember though, do not be beguiled by warm days – a late spring frost will wreak havoc with these plants unless protected and slowly hardened off.

Plant up tubs, containers and hanging baskets for a blaze of colour throughout the summer – remember to harden tender plants off properly before exposing them to the elements.

Ok thats enough for now!!! Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather!!!!!!!! Stop By and see us at the Nursery. We have a beautiful supply of Bedding plants and hanging baskets!!!