Sales and Specials


With the days getting shorter and the

nights getting cooler, its the perfect

time to plant! So get a jump on spring

and take advantage of these fall


All Rose of Sharon  50% Off!
Aphrodite & Blue chiffon

All Roses 50% off!

All Fruit trees 25% off!
Honey Crisp Apple ,Delicious golden apple, Delicious red apple, wine crisp, Elberta peaches

All Butterfly Bushes 25% off!
Miss Molly, Petite Plum, Purple haze

All Boxwood 25% off
Winter gem, Green velvet, Green Beauty

Wichita Blue Junipers 25% off
Great deer resistant evergreen hedge, beautiful blue color 

All Holly Bushes 25% off
Blue prince, Blue Maid, Royal Family, Magic Berri Kids

Sparkle Berry and Southern gentleman Ilex 50% off

Burning Bush 25% off

Northern Spice Bush 25% off

Don’t just plant a tree, Make a memory! 

tree planting