Let’s get Started!!! Spring Gardening Tips

Our weather is slowly starting to settle out, They are calling a little warmer temps this week, and  just a little rain. Here are some chores to keep you busy this week even though it is still a little too early to plant those tender annual flowers and vegetables.

water can

 remove stakes or relax wires installed on trees planted last fall.
Allowing a little swaying of tree stems results in sturdy yet resilient plants. Thin out some branches

 transplant any existing shrubs you want to move before they begin to leaf out.

Soil conditions in early spring are favorable to transplants because the soil is more consistently  apply horticultural oil sprays to fruit trees.

 It’s not too late to apply oil spray to fruit trees just as the buds begin to swell and then again 10  also apply oil to ornamental trees and shrubs

• Its a great time to roll your lawn and apply the first step (crabgrass preventer) of your Turfline four step lawn care program. ( we still have all four steps on sale at the nursery for $49.99 /5000 sq feet) Here is the website for the four step program  http://www.turflinelawncare.com/pages/premium%20program.h

divide perennials. clear and mulch perennial beds.

For easier handling try to time the division so emerging shoots are only 2 to 4 inches tall. One last thing, as long as it stays drier it’s not a bad time turn over the vegetable garden and get it ready for planting, if you haven’t already. It’s also a good time to test the soil and ad any amendments it might need. For some great tips on how to prepare your soil check out the Farmers Almanac websitehttp://www.almanac.com/content/preparing-soil-planting

Ok that’s more than enough for this week!!!! If you have any questions, or need suggestions, just give us a call at the nursery, we are more than happy to help!

Have a great week and enjoy your garden!!!!!