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Pre Pay Mulch Sale
We are in the process of ordering our mulch  and are giving you the opportunity to place an order and lock it in at the lowest price of the season!!
At Salmon Creek Nursery we carry an extremely high quality mulch which is manufactured in Watertown NY. We are happy to say It is a family business which takes pride in their product.
If you Place your order and prepay now through the 31st of April

It’s Only $2.99 per bag

Pick up only, sorry but at this price we cannot deliver.
Orders must be picked up by 5/31/17
If you have any questions give us a call at
585 637 4497

All of our mulch products are produced by Pala Wood, a Family owned and operated company located right here in New York State. Pala Wood mulch products are manufactured from virgin, unadulterated bark and wood raw materials from sawmills located in New York State. They have worked hand-in-hand with many of their suppliers for years to supply the highest quality mulch possible. Pala Wood guarantees that their products are not manufactured from any recycled wood (i.e. pallet wood, construction and demolition, storm debris or treated lumber) that may contain environmental or chemical contamination. The aging process of their bark also occurs at elevated temperatures which virtually eliminates the potential for any living organisms (i.e. bugs, molds, fungus spores, etc.) to be present in their finished products.

Their color-enhanced mulch products are enviromentaly safe. Their colored-enhanced mulches are colored with a water-based dispersion of naturally occurring iron oxide and carbon pigments mined from the earth. Iron oxide and carbon are common substances in soil and groundwater. The colorants are nontoxic to plants, animals and the environment and have been extensively tested through independent laboratories.

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