Practical gardening tips for the first week of April

The Weather has been up and down, but it is finally starting to stabilize a bit. Temperatures are still dipping into the 30’s at night, but at least it’s the high thirties!

Forking the veg patch

Here are some tips for things to do and plant, even with these cooler nights

Plant                                                                                                                               Spring is a great time to add new plants to your garden. But it is a little too early for those tender annuals.You can plant  such things as trees, fruit or shade, shrubs, asparagus, rhubarb ,strawberries, and summer blooming bulbs. If you have an asparagus or strawberry patch started now is a great time to clean out the dead from last year and get those perennial weeds out. spread some mulch over it and then lightly preen to keep new weeds from starting

Prune out dead or damaged branches 
Prune unwanted branches of trees and shrubs after new growth has begun.If you haven’t done it yet there is still time to prune those fruit trees! Cut back any remaining dead perennial foliage from last season. Prune roses just before they start to bud out. Spring blooming trees and shrubs, however, should not be pruned in late winter; their flower buds are ready to open as temperatures warm. Azaleas, forsythia, weigela, dogwood, and other spring shrubs can be pruned.

Fertilize & Mulch
Start thinking about applying your lawn fertilizer (click here for the application chart) (and by the way our turfline is in) Rake, fertilize and mulch beds and borders ( Our Mulch sale will be going through April 31.)   Spring is also a good time to fertilize fruit trees. If you applied heavy winter mulch for protection for certain plants ie: roses,or perennials from the cold, its getting time  to clear it away.

Stake plants that may be prone to wind damage during the unpredictable spring weather.

Tend to your compost if it has been neglected over the winter. give it a turn to keep it airiated If you do not have a compost bin, spring is a great time to start one.How to fix a soggy compost pile.

Early spring is a great time to prepare your tools for the oncoming gardening season and to make any necessary repairs or new purchases.

Ok That ‘s enough for this week! Don’t want you to break your back, we have a long spring ahead of us. Have a great week and enjoy this beautiful weather!!!!!!! ( I know the weather doesn’t look that great this week, but at least its not snowing : )